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Providers In Idaho

Two Planned Parenthood clinics serve Idaho. One clinic is the Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest serving Spokane, WA and the 9 counties of northern Idaho. The other is Planned Parenthood of Boise, which serves southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Idaho has very few private providers in comparison to Washington State. Three of the state's providers are in Boise and the other is in Pocatello. Abortions are available up to 12 weeks, and in very few cases to 15 weeks. Women in Northern Idaho tend to travel to Eastern Washington and sometimes Oregon to access abortion services. Southern Idaho women sometimes travel to Oregon or Salt Lake City, Utah for 1st and 2nd trimester abortions.

Public Assistance for Abortion

Idaho prohibits public funding for abortion unless the procedure is necessary to preserve the woman's life or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. In cases of rape or incest, a woman must provide documentation that the rape or incest was reported to a law enforcement agency. As well, she must provide a copy of court determination of rape or incest or she must gain written certification from the physician that the woman was unable to report the rape or incest for reasons related to her health. Idaho Code 56-209c (Bender, WESTLAW through 2003 Sess.); Idaho Admin. Code (WESTLAW through Aug. 6, 2003).

Historically, very few women have been able to use the life or health exception, but clients with Idaho Medicaid can call the PP in Boise (208-376-9300) for assistance with this process. To apply for Medicaid, call 877-696-6775

Other Options for Abortion Funding:

For women that are ineligible for Medicaid funding, there are two NNAF member funds in Idaho. These funds will help women at the clinic of their choice.

Abortion Law

  • Idaho restricts private insurance from covering abortions except when abortion is necessary to preserve a woman's life. Coverage may be obtained only if the carrier elects to offer it and an additional premium is paid.
  • Idaho has a parental consent law - requiring written consent from one parent. A minor can get a judicial bypass or a medical emergency declaration from a physician, but the physician is required by law to inform the parents after the abortion is performed.
  • Idaho has a mandatory 24 hour waiting period where patients are required to receive state-prepared materials that must include: (1) photographs of a fetus and descriptions of its anatomical and physiological characteristics at two-week intervals; (2) a description of services available to assist a woman throughout pregnancy, upon childbirth, and while a child is dependent, including adoption services, and a comprehensive list of public and private agencies providing such services; (3) descriptions of the abortion procedures used at the various stages of pregnancy; and (4) foreseeable risks and complications of the abortion procedures, including those related to subsequent childbearing.
  • Idaho does not allow post-viability abortions except in cases of life endangerment of the woman.