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Solidarity funding for people affected by the hurricanes

From our friends at Houston's Lilith Fund:

"We are devastated that community members are displaced, facing loss of their homes, vehicles, and belongings, and are struggling to obtain resources needed to fully recover. Like with any natural disaster, we know that low-income communities of color are hit the hardest. 

"In the days and weeks before the storm, Lilith Fund heard from many callers who had appointments scheduled in Houston—but when Harvey hit, clinics had to temporarily close and appointments had to be cancelled. Delays caused by Harvey are extending the wait time for many clients—increasing the overall cost of the procedure significantly—and may even push clients past the state’s 20-week limit."

We stand in solidarity with the funds in Texas and Florida, and are helping to raise supplemental funding specifically for their callers who have been affected by the hurricanes. 

We invite you to join us. All new gifts through the end of September will go to our fellow funds in Texas and Florida.