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grant recipient

“Maria” and her new husband wanted a family and talked about getting pregnant as soon as possible after they were married. But shortly after their wedding, her husband turned violent. The abuse became severe in a very short period of time, and Maria left her husband. Right after doing so, she discovered she was pregnant and, given her husband's violence, was determined to terminate her pregnancy.

Unsure of her options, she borrowed $150 and made an initial appointment at a clinic. Because she was nearing the end of her 1st trimester, Maria needed to have her abortion soon or the price would increase and she would have to travel outside her state to find a clinic that performed 2nd trimester abortions.

The clinic agreed to discount their services by $100 and referred her to The CAIR Project. We granted her $150 and called another fund on her behalf, ultimately funding the last $100 so Maria could have her procedure close to her home and in the 1st trimester.